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So there’s this internet friend I have,
he’s maybe one of my oldest friends, even more so than my real life friends.
I met him online when we were really young and he was super cool and happy, and even though I was two years older than him, I looked up to him.

6 Years pass, we don’t talk to each other at all since the day we met.

One day recently I’m Skyping with a friend while playing the same game I met him on. I’ve completely forgotten about him at this point.

A familiar name shows up in the server list. He’s not happy or cheerful anymore. His words lack emotion and they sound as if he’s struggling to find words to say. He sounds completely and utterly broken.

At this point I’m trying to explain who he is to my friend while freaking out, and that I need to leave so that I can talk to him. She gets mad and hangs up the call.

I start chatting with him on Steam.
Apparently his life has gone to hell like mine, and he tried to kill himself the year before.
He would have died at age 11 had he gone through with it.
We chat on and off. I tell him what I couldn’t stand to tell any of my friends, since they’d probably try to send me to a therapist or some shit.

Long story short, I haven’t heard from him in months. I hope he’s okay.
Kane, if you’re reading this, please be okay. please be okay. please don’t give up.